Install Strong, Durable and Attractive Concrete

Partner with a skilled concrete contractor based in Charlotte, NC

Keep your roof in tiptop shape

Even minor roofing problems can lead to significant repairs down the road. Make sure you hire a skilled roofing contractor if your roof is damaged. Bailey N Bailey Entrepreneurs provides roof repair, replacement and installation services for asphalt shingle and metal roofing systems. From tearing down your old roof and replacing it to simply patching up minor leaks, you can depend on our licensed and insured team to do whatever it takes to restore your roof.

Call our roofing contractor today to schedule roof repair, storm damage or installation services in Charlotte, NC or the surrounding area.

You don't have to move to enjoy a new home

If you're not satisfied with a particular part of your house, Bailey N Bailey Entrepreneurs can help you renovate it. Our contractor will put 20+ years of experience to work updating your home with the style and design you want. You can...

Change the style of your house with a new flooring installation or painting services

Remodel your kitchen or bathroom for extra functionality and comfort

Repair and replace old, run-down features to make your house feel new again

All of our services come with a 16-month warranty, so you can rest assured that your house will be taken care of. Make an appointment for remodeling services when you call us today.